Laurel District - Small Event Grant Fund Program
The Laurel District Association Hopes to bring more community activities to the district. To do so, the LDA created the Small Event Grant Fund Program to incentivize business owners in the Laurel DIstrict to host more events and activities at their businesses, to keep the buzz about the district in the air, to bring new people to Laurel, and to bring others back more often. 

The LDA's SEGF Program provides up to $200 as a financial sponsorship to Laurel Businesses to host events in 2017. Host Music, art,education, craft, food, you name it, make it fun and inviting and enhance the customers' experiences of the Laurel District. 

If sponsorship is granted, the LDA asks to be acknowledged as a sponsor with logo placement where appropriate. 

*Please submit the application three weeks prior to the prosposed event date. For an event series, funds may be available for each event within an event series. Please provide the series information below and funding request for each of the individual events.*

The LDA may be able to help with permits if needed, upon request.

Please click here to view the application. 

Laurel District Association 2015
Laurel District Association 2015