Laurel District - Safety Tools
Laurel District Association 2015
Safety Tips -  Attention Laurel Merchants - Download the Safety Tips and Urgent Alert Instructions here
Laurel Please use this checklist as a guide to help us maintain a culture of safety and deter possible incidents:
❏     Always be aware of your surroundings and make eye contact with customers as they enter and exit your establishment
❏     Use motion detectors or bells that make a sound when your doors open and close
❏     Install video cameras that are visual to customers
❏     Remove excessive posters and flyers from your storefront so you have better visibility, and the people on the street (neighbors, friend, security, police) can see inside
❏     Install alarm systems for after hours protection
❏     Be extra cautious when opening and closing your business
❏     Travel in groups whenever possible, especially after dark
❏     Never leave laptops or cell phones unattended. Mount them to your desk whenever possible
❏     Do not leave large amounts of cash in the register or tip jars; attach tip jar to counter
❏     Be discrete when moving money or doing bank drops. Do not have predictable schedules or use recognizable money bags—make it look like you are moving supplies or running errands
❏     Make sure your car is locked, your windows are closed, and don't’ leave valuables in your car
❏     Keep a First Aid kit, flashlight, and fire extinguisher in your business and make sure all of your employees know where items are located
❏     Avoid unnecessary arguments with customers; de-escalate whenever possible
❏     Post visible safety reminders in your business
❏     Talk to your neighboring businesses and Laurel Security personnel about any safety concerns
❏     Use Urgent Alerts to share and receive important safety and security information
❏     Have regular safety and security meetings with your employees. Train them on the above.

Laurel Security is on the street for your safety - 5 days a week.
Call or text: 510-575-2314             Email:
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